The Clubs of MVHS Pt.2

A few more of the many clubs here on campus!

The Clubs of MVHS Pt.2

Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

Welcome back for this week’s addition to The Clubs of MVHS. Here are three more clubs that are here on campus.

Mu Alpha Theta: This club is an honor society run by Math Department chair Theresa Hecker. Requirements for Mu Alpha Theta include a high GPA, a completion of two math classes, and community service hours. Through ΜΑϴ people begin to get assigned to younger students to help tutor them in math. They currently have forty-five members.

“We expect to have a member gain of about forty to thirty people,” Hecker said. They also do UIL events and are hoping to do a few community service events this year.

Quill & Scroll Society: which is run by Journalism teacher Caitlin Schmidt. Quill & Scroll is a Journalism international honors society. There are eight returning members, and an estimated eleven to be inducted this year. To be inducted students must have taken at least two higher level Journalism courses and/or participated in two years of a Journalism UIL event. Quill and Scroll offers its members graduation cords senior year. They plan on electing officers this year, too.
“It earns you college recognition,”Schmidt said.

National Honors Society: This is probably the most well known honor society among high schools.There are about one-hundred members right now.
“We don’t know how many we are expecting for this year,”sponsor Megan Perry said. They first filter potential members by GPA, then they take a look at their community service time, and finally they look at extracurricular activities.Then they reach out and invite the new members.

If you have not found anything to interest you yet, do not worry, there is more to come!