Lockhart Didn’t have the Heart

Lockhart could not put in the effort to beat the Panthers.


PC: Amira Van Leewan

Garrett Legitt attempting to make a touchdown pass for the Varsity win

Derrick Moreno, Staff Writer

Freshman: The Freshmen team went to Lockhart to fight the Lions and bring home a win. In the first half, Jay Dempsey made a 50 yard run and scored a touchdown, putting the panthers on the board. In the second half of the game, there was a fumble caused by Alex Medina. It was then recovered by Joe Tarvin turning over the ball to the Panthers, putting them on the 50 yard line. Several more touchdowns were scored and the Panthers beat the Lions 21-6.

JV: The Lockhart Lions roamed all the way down to Medina Valley to challenge the Panthers.The offense started off the game right with a 65 yard touchdown followed by a 2 point conversion. The next drive was a 91 yard touchdown by Christian Flores received from Christopher Child. Defensively, the Panthers shut out the the Lions with Geo Solis making a fumble recovery. With the amazing plays created by the JV team they were unstoppable against the Lions.“They were an okay team, we played as a real team and showed no sign of stopping,” Geo Solis said. Tyler Mangum was able to score a touchdown off of a punt return and the final score was 36-0 Panthers on top.

Varsity:Varsity traveled to Lockhart to have a brawl with the Lions and bring home a win. The game was off to a good start with the Panthers catching up to the Lions on the board in the first half. Before the second half occurred, there was a rain delay that took two hours for it to clear up. However, it did not rain on the Panthers parade. The Panthers fought long and hard, taking unnecessary penalties and unsportsmanlike conduct from Lockhart.No matter what Lockhart threw at them it still was not enough to take down the Panthers.

”Tough game; they came out and played fast,” Lexi Neeb said. “We had to adjust a lot but we still came out on top.” No matter how hard the Lions pushed, it was not enough to beat the Panthers with a score of 23-19 Panthers on top.