Running on the Island

Medina Valley Cross Country Team traveled to Corpus to compete in the Islander Splash.


PC: Gabriela McNelly

Michayla Chaffin, 11, the shirt she received at the Corpus Christi Cross Country meet.

Gabriela McNelly, Staff Writer

On September 22, the Cross Country team competed in Corpus with each runner doing a great job in the tuff competition.Varsity boys’ Gold Division winners were Josh Sandoval, 12, 33rd place, Seth Hernandez, 10, 116th place, Jose Garcia, 11, 148th, Cade Mangan, 10, 189th place, and Jett Winkler, 9, 195th. Varsity Girls’ Gold Division winners were Macy Livingston, 10, 10th place, Clara Arroyos, 9, 98th place, Kayleigh Corliss, 9, 113th place, Michayla Chaffin, 11, 113th place, and Ileana Morales, 9, 127th place.

JV Boys’ Large School Boys placers were Jason Hinojosa-Ramirez, 11, 25th place, Justin Alvarado, 10, 170th place, Matthew Fleming, 9, 192nd place, Nicolas Ripps, 12, 197th place , and Orlando Santos, 10, 218th place. JV Girls’ Large School placers were Savannah Allen, 11, 135th place, Kira Smith, 9, 159th place, Angelina Pulido, 11, 160th place, Jasmin Polido, 10, 166th place, and Kinsey Winters, 9, 169th place.

“ The run at Corpus was a hard run with the humid weather and the huge amount of runners,” sophomore Lessette Cruz said. “All I thought to myself was ‘one more mile’ to push myself to finish and stay strong.”

The next meet will be on September 29 in Seguin.